Our Vision

 Providing proud public services for the human development.

Our Mission

To be the predecessors of efficient co-ordination of Public, Private, and Non-Governmental Organizations utilizing human, physical and financial resources for achieving a sustainable development of the living status of the people in the Division in compliance with the government policies.

History of Thalawa Divisional Secretariat

The governance of the state of Sri Lanka which is surrounded by the great sea was under the Central Government mainly to gather with the District Administration. Accordingly, It has become a Divisional Secretariat Division as per the Act No.58 of 1992 having begun its duties as a revenue Division in 1938 and transferred as a sub-Government Agents Division in1947. As a result of that, Thalawa Divisional Secretariat near to the Southern Palace Gate was born in the North Central Province, the largest Province of the island.

Thalawa Divisional secretariat’s Division is surrounded North by Nuwaragam palatha Central and Nachchaduwa, South by Galnewa and Thambuththegama , East by Ipalogama and Thirappapane and  West by Thambuththegama and Nochchiyagama Divisions.

There was a usage of “Thawalam awa”(Caravan came)in the time of using cart for  transporting goods. Before that period , it was called as  Thalakawapi Nuwara.According to the ruins in the Gambirisgaswewa scheme which is existing as a Mahaweli Villaga ,a chief called Haranthaka which mentioned in the “Maha Wanshaya” had dominated the this area and there was a legend that the  Abhaya  thero had showed him the path.

The ancient Yoda Ela which has brought proudness of the history is located across the Thalawa Division.Katiyawa old Colony which was touched by the Rt.H. D.S. Senanayake  as well as Katiyawa  Resovior  also situated in the Thalawa Division. As the Thalawa Division is situated near by the road which falls in the central of the Country, it was popular as the Trade center in the British ruling period.   

With the commencement of “Preethi Gedara Niwahana” by the Mother Thani , aunty of the queen Elisabeth II ,came from Gampola Sonana Meesam in 1912 there was a renaissance     and the Missionary school started in 1932 has become Thalawa Maha Vidyalaya today.

Katiyawa wewa is fed by the Mahaweli water through the Nawa Jaya Ganga , the paddy field of the Thalawa Division is supplied the Mahaweli water except few Grama Niladhari Divisions. The Canal brings Mahaweli water fertilizes paddy fields.

24 Divisions, Out of 39 Grama Niladhari Divisions belong to Thalawa belong to Kalawewa Seat,9 Divisions belongs to Mihinthalaya Seat, 6 Divisions belongs to Anuradhapura Seat. Total extends of This Division where is 69361 of population is 219.8 K.m.2

Two main cities called Thalawa and Eppawala, Three Agragrarian Service Divisions of Thalawa, Eppawala, and Katiyawa and two police stations are situated in the Division.

The Thalawa Divisional Secretariat’s Division situated in the southern side of Anuradhapura District is situated in between the Northern latitude 6-6.5 and Eastern longitudes 80.6 -81.7.


Role performed at DS

Name From To
Mr. R A A Ranaweera               January  1970               . March 1970                             .
Mr. W P Wanigarathna 1970  1974
Mr. Sunil Abesinghe 1974  1977
Mr. S D E Lorance June 1978  July 1978
Mr. L P Premapala July 1978 1979
Mr. S D E Lorance  1980 1983
Mr. H M Karunarathna 1983 1990
Mr. A S Kluarachchi 1990 1992
Mr. Rathwaththa 1992 1993
Mr. H M Karunarathna 1994 1997
Mr. Suraweera Manthreerathna     1997 2000
Mr. H M K Herath 2000 2004
Mr. B A Somapala (Acting) 2004 2006
Mr. R P Mahindarathna 2006 2007
Mrs. Nalani Nanayakkara May 2007 October 2012
Mrs. Rnjani Perera (Acting) 2012 March 2013
Mrs. Sandya Abesekara March 2013 February 2016
Mr. H D N S Pranandu February 2016 June 2016
Mr N H R Nishantha June  2016 August 2020
Mr.R.M.G.Senarathna (Acting) August 2020 January 2021
Mr.Anuradha Dissanayaka From February  Of 2021 Up to now

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